Muskoka Brewery’s Ebb & Flow

Muskoka Brewery recently introduced its newest product, a session sour beer named Ebb & Flow.

The craft beer category has exploded in recent years, with the number of craft brewers in Ontario alone now hovering around 250. According to a Nielsen study of craft beer shoppers, 70% make their purchase decision at the shelf, and 71% prefer to try new brands with eye-catching packaging.

With that in mind, we asked Scot Keith, president and CEO of Vancouver agency 123w, which developed the brand image and identity—a project led by co-founder and executive director of design Jeff Harrison—to outline some of the design elements he’s most proud of.

1. The can’s silver substrate has been incorporated into the design

With Ebb & Flow, certain areas of the can’s substrate are allowed to show through, creating a metallic effect. This effect makes the Ebb & Flow logo and the surrounding waves, appear as if they are shimmering and full of dimension, while simultaneously creating the appearance of the beer being cold and refreshing.

2. Storytelling

The Ebb & Flow name and visual identity is a reflection of the endless lakes and shorelines that make up Muskoka Brewery’s home region, contributing to the brand’s evocation of lazy days and going with the flow.

3. Custom font

The logo’s font was custom drawn, and is intended to reflect the Muskoka waters that surround it.

4. Woodcut Style

The illustration utilizes a distinct woodcut style, contributing to the sense that the product was crafted by hand in the region it was made.

5. Bold and vibrant

The blue and silver colour scheme is vibrant, and intended to help Ebb & Flow to stand out on store shelves. – Chris Powell

Chris Powell

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