IGA’s (new) Joy of Cooking

Who: IGA, Sid Lee, and production company Mathematics.

What: “A Snack for Santa,” a holiday-themed campaign underscoring the Quebec grocery chain’s connection to great food and passion for cooking, plus its association with La Tablée des Chefs, a non-profit committed to teaching high school students about food and sustainability.

How: An animated short film—the result of more than six months of work by 40 artists in Montreal and Paris—airing on TV in Quebec and New Brunswick, as well as social channels. The two-minute video follows a young boy named Nico, whose lifelong love affair with food and cooking is inspired by a visit from Santa. Over the years, he makes increasingly complex treats for Santa, who responds by leaving him food-related presents, including a cookbook entitled “Secret Recipes From the North Pole.” Sid Lee has also created a real-life cookbook featuring recipes from La Tablée des Chefs and the celebrity chefs Stefano Faito and Ricardo. Proceeds from sales of the book, which is being sold at IGA stores, go to the organization. 


Why: December is a key sales period for grocery retailers, and the airwaves and digital environments are crowded with ads depicting happy families enjoying the best of the season. The animated spot is intended to help IGA stand out in a sea of sameness.

What else? IGA and Sid Lee’s animated spots date back several years, with efforts including 2011’s “Always Fresh” spot promoting its produce, and last summer’s “For the Grill.”...The soundtrack for the video is an instrumental version of Les Classels’ Christmas classic “Le sentier de neige.”  -Chris Powell