‘Heavy rocks’ organization (AKA Curling Canada) launches awareness push

Who: Curling Canada and Cossette.

What: “You don’t need to know it to love it,” a campaign aimed at generating interest in curling, specifically among younger Canadians, while driving awareness of Curling Canada’s five main events.

When: Now through the end of February.

Where: TSN and online.

How: The campaign is built around a 40-second video featuring veteran TSN curling announcer Vic Rauter, along with curling stars Jennifer Jones and Brad Gushue, and a curling newbie named Doug, who is helping Rauter call the Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Doug clearly knows nothing about curling, butchering common terms—he calls sweeping “scrubbing” and rocks are “heavy things”—but is unable to contain his enthusiasm for the sport.

And we quote: “What I really like about the campaign is that our core fans can relate to Vic. Like him, they know the sport inside out. But Doug’s description of what’s going on on the ice is authentic to a new fan experience. It demonstrates that everyone is welcome.” —Katherine Henderson, CEO of Curling Canada. – Chris Powell

David Brown