Salvation Army takes over out-of-office e-mails for a cause

Who: The Salvation Army and Grey, with PR support from Edelman.

What: A holiday fundraising campaign, “Out of Office for a cause.”

When & Where: Now through December, in out-of-office notifications that people append to their e-mail, part of a broader holiday campaign that includes TV, online video, out-of-home, digital banners, search and social.

How: The Salvation Army is urging people to attach a customized message to their out-of-office e-mail over the holidays. The message directs recipients to a dedicated site, where they can make a donation. The non-profit says that if just 1% of all out-of-office e-mails sent during the holiday use the Salvation Army’s message, it has the potential to reach “an enormous number” of people.

Why: According to the Salvation Army, 1-in-7 Canadians living in poverty can’t afford to take time off work during the holidays.

Their message: “Thank you for your message. I am out of office on holiday. But 1 in 7 Canadians struggling to make ends meet can’t always afford to take time off. While you wait for me to return, please donate to The Salvation Army and make this holiday season a happy one for everyone.” – Chris Powell


David Brown