Cineplex introduces 270-degree movies

Who: Cineplex and CJ 4DPLEX.

What: A 270-degree screening of the highly anticipated Aquaman, at Cineplex Cinemas Queensway in west Toronto.

How: A proprietary “multi-projection” screening that extends the movie to side walls. It’s the first ScreenX theatre in Canada, although there are 185 around the world, mostly in Korea and China. There are only 11 in the U.S.

Why: Because as home viewing technology (and content) gets better, and AR/VR entertainment experiences emerge, traditional movie theatres are looking for ways to put people into their seats.

What is CJ 4DPLEX? The Korean-based company has been an innovator in immersive theatre viewing, introducing 20 different effects to the in-cinema experience, including scent, wind, rain, wind, fog and even rainstorms. It also features seats capable of rolling, heaving and shaking, as well as something called a “bottom tickler” (we Googled it—by bottom they mean legs). That 4DX experience isn’t offered at the Queensway theatres, but it is at the Yonge-Dundas theatres in Toronto, and Cineplex has plans to put it in up to 13 other theatres.

It’s not just theatres that are interested: Earlier this month, Sony Pictures announced a deal with CJ 4Dplex that will see 13 of its films shown with the 4D experience. “Experiencing films in the 4DX format brings a whole new experiential level to get movie fans out of the home and into the theatre,” Scott Sherr, executive vice-president, worldwide theatrical distribution, Sony Pictures Entertainment, told The Hollywood Reporter.


David Brown