Garbage collector is really glad about Glad

Who: Clorox Canada’s Glad brand and FCB

What: A new TV ad that humorously demonstrates the strength of Glad garbage bags.

When & Where: On TV for six months, starting Jan. 2

How: The spot, called the “Big Lift,” shows how much a garbage collector appreciates the strength and durability of Glad garbage bags. After all, it’s hard enough out there for a garbage collector, without having to worry about a bag of stinky food waste bursting open.

Why: Getting people to think much about what brand of garbage bag they prefer can be difficult. This ad, directed by famed commercial director team The Perlorian Brothers, was designed to break though by using humour. “Although it’s a low-engagement category, we can reach consumers through creative and engaging storytelling,” said Matt Kohler, marketing VP for The Clorox Company.

It’s a sequel: The same garbage collector appeared in an ad last year where he showed his fondness for homeowners who use Glad bags.


David Brown