Shutterstock targets creatives in brand campaign

Who: Shutterstock and DiMassimo Goldstein in New York City.

What: An eye-catching branding campaign—because funny animals—with the tagline “It’s not stock, it’s Shutterstock.” It’s the first Shutterstock brand campaign in six years.

When & Where: In Canada, the U.S., U.K. and Australia starting now, with additional markets to follow throughout the spring.

How: A big media buy, apparently. There are only four digital executions to start, with print ads, site takeovers and an e-mail push coming later. “The spend for the year will be in the high eight-figure range as part of our overall marketing spend,” said CMO Lou Weiss. “Marketing is and has been part of the growth model for the company, and with this campaign it’s just going to work a little harder for us, expanding our marketing reach with a holistic campaign.”

Why: ShutterStock wants to remind the creative industry about the depth and breadth of its asset repository and how easy it is for creative professionals to find what they need. Shutterstock says it has 225 million images, over 12 million video clips, tens of thousands of music tracks and is adding 1.5 million assets a week.

We quote: “The core truths about what make Shutterstock unique haven’t changed, but they are even truer today than they were six years ago, with a massive inflow of fresh assets each week, smarter search and discovery technologies… This campaign is just a fresh and contemporary way of bringing the core truths to life—all done with Shutterstock assets, of course” – Shutterstock CMO Lou Weiss

David Brown