Harnessing the power of nature to treat PTSD

Who: Warrior Adventures Canada and FCB

What: A new spot for the non profit that helps treats Canadian military vets—as well as first responders—suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

How: The short film shows vets on a whitewater trip into the stunning Canadian wilderness in early fall, with soaring narration that explains how mother nature nature can heal the emotional wounds created by PTSD. The spot was directed by Sean McBride with production company Someplace Nice.

Listen closely: Pay attention to the sound in this one. It subtly conveys how the sounds of battle can stay with soldiers long after they return home. Vapor RMW gets the credit here.

The numbers behind the story: Veterans Affairs Canada estimates 10% of war zone veterans will experience PTSD; UC Berkeley research showed that a four-day white-water rafting trip led to a 29% reduction in PTSD symptoms and a 21% decrease in general stress.

We quote: “The interaction between the members of our trips and mother nature is so powerful, and because of this power, it is the key to the success of our programs. Watching this piece, we can see the intense connection it brings to our warriors, and how important it is to them in their journey.”— WAC president John Watson

David Brown