Kellogg’s pops up in Toronto

Who: Kellogg’s, Strategic Objectives, Leo Burnett and 5 Brock Events. Media by Starcom Mediavest Group.

What: A two-day pop-up in Toronto’s west called “Escape the Nonsense,” that encourages women to dump fad dieting and trust their instincts about being healthy. It’s the latest instalment in Special K’s #OwnIt platform.

How: Eight rooms that use “sophisticated lighting and special effects,” along with other interactive experiences, to deliver the message that women should ignore the “disorienting, overwhelming obstacles” they face on their “health journey.”

Why: The message here is that if women feel bombarded by complicated—and often contradictory—messages about how to eat right and live healthy, they can simplify with the “no-nonsense, wholesome ingredients” contained in Special K.

But is there good Insta? Apparently. “Escape the Nonsense offers guests a unique, multi-sensory journey where they will touch, taste, see and snap as they venture through a series of highly visual rooms.”

We quote: “Canadian women have encountered a multitude of health and wellness fads over the years, yet have always intuitively known how to best fuel their body. The Special K Escape the Nonsense pop-up empowers women to break through the health clutter and instead trust their own instincts when it comes to their health journey and unleashing the potential that exists within.” —Christine Jakovcic, vice-president marketing and nutrition, Kellogg Canada Inc.


David Brown