Peoples Jewellers gets personal for Valentine’s Day at Yonge-Dundas Square

Who: Peoples Jewellers, Juliet and HeydSaffer (production)

What: “It’s the Day to Say It,” personal Valentine’s Day messages on the largest digital billboard in Canada.

When & Where: The messages are running on the billboard at Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square today, accompanied by the Peoples logo, but were submitted in advance. The accompanying promotional video was shot yesterday (Feb. 13) when the messages started running.

How: Peoples and Juliet invited select Canadians to write short valentines to the person they love, and purchased inventory on the Astral-owned billboard to display them. One example: “Vicky, you’ve always been my happy place, and today I get to tell the whole city. Seven years and five beautiful kids calls for one incredibly big ‘I love you.'” Awareness beyond the Dundas Square execution comes from a YouTube video showing couples viewing their messages and—insert product shot here—exchanging gifts of jewellery.

Why: Jewellery is a staple of Valentine’s Day gift-giving. According to a BMO Economics report, jewellery and watch sales in February are, on average, 28% greater than they are in January.

Peoples is fond of the big gesture: Earlier this year, the company donated a pair of TV spots in a Toronto Maple Leafs broadcast. The first spot showed a man proposing to his girlfriend, while the second showed her reaction (she said yes).

And we quote: “This initiative is just the latest example of Peoples’ commitment to advocating for love in all its forms… I’m thrilled we were able to extend that role and help these couples express their love in a big way this Valentine’s Day.” —John McNamara, VP marketing, Signet Jewelers (Peoples’ parent company)



Chris Powell