Glad returns with workout video

Who: Glad, FCB Canada (Toronto), OMD Canada (media), Rooster Post-Production, Grayson Matthews (music)

What: “The Glad Strength Training Program,” part three of the brand’s “appreciation” platform, following “Thank-you” and “The Big Lift”.

When & Where: The 60-second ad is running on Facebook. The campaign debuted Feb. 19 and runs until March 1.

Why: The campaign objective remains unchanged: Getting Canadians to pay attention to Glad—and justify paying a premium price for its products—in a low-involvement category.

How: The video feature the recurring character, the “Garbage Man” this time clad in workout gear and leg warmers accompanied by music reminiscent of a 1980s workout video. The videos show him engaged in garbage-themed workouts including “trashcep curls” and “garbaglute side lunges.”

And we quote: “Why not squeeze in a weekly workout on the way to the curb? The Glad Strength Training Program is a full body experience, consisting of a series of unique exercises which demonstrates the strength of Glad garbage bags.” – Press release

Chris Powell