Joe Fresh feeling free

Who: Loblaw Companies Ltd, Joe Fresh, Hans Dorsinville, New York-based chief creative officer at Select World.

What: “Free Your Fresh,” a campaign highlighting the spring 2019 collection.

When & Where: Launched Feb. 24, the campaign includes ads across digital and social media platforms, TV and Cineplex Media nationwide.

How: The 30-second spot features youthful, exuberant women, men and children enjoying outdoor activities like cycling, skateboarding, jump rope and dancing? A kind of get outside, be active and stop and smell the roses attitude.

Why: The campaign reminds its core customers to inject moments of fun and joy into their everyday lives—in affordable, bright, smart casuals that Joe Fresh is known for. Dorsinville is known for fashion and beauty campaigns that include Bottega Veneta, Estee Lauder and Tommy Hilfiger. His “This Body is Made to Shine” campaign for Lane Bryant was a 2017 finalist in the Glass Lion category at Cannes.

And we quote: “The feeling evoked from this campaign will reinforce what long-time Joe Fresh fans love about the brand, the upbeat, happy energy, the endless bursts of colour, and the artful simplicity of the collections. When developing the campaign concept, we aimed to capture moments of joy to bring to life the idea of Free Your Fresh.” —Lindsay Cook, vice-president of marketing and communications.

Chris Powell