Winter has come to Toronto (not a weather reference)

Who: Twitter, HBO (for Game of Thrones) and Dive Network.

What: The release of 20 Game of Throne emojis to mark the upcoming final season of the HBO mega-hit show. Twitter has done TV show emojis before, but never this many (all 20 listed below).

When & Where: The emojis are on Twitter now through the end of the upcoming final season, but a special out-of-home promotion is running on big screens in London, New York and in Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square starting at 8 a.m. Thursday morning and running until midnight.

Why: Because Game of Throne fans really LOVE to talk about the show, and a lot of those conversations happen on Twitter.

How it works: Anyone on Twitter can get the emojis now by hashtagging the character’s name—#JonSnow, for example, instantly generates the Jon Snow emoji. There are also Twitter posters for each of the 20 characters sitting on the Iron Throne, available as a Twitter Moment.

What’s the OOH element: A data driven solution through Dive Network takes in real-time data about which character is getting the most action (via hashtag mentions on Twitter). This data is compiled and then at the top of each hour, characters are shown based on who’s getting the most mentions. “Triggering that up on the boards is really exciting,” said Laura Pearce, head of consumer marketing at Twitter Canada. “We are really pushing the limits of out-of-home and what real-time can do.”

The 20: #DaenerysTargaryen #JonSnow #NightKing #CerseiLannister #AryaStark #JaimeLannister #TyrionLannister #SansaStark #BranStark #BrienneOfTarth #DavosSeaworth #EuronGreyjoy #JorahMormont #Greyworm #Melisandre #Missandei #SamwellTarly #TheonGreyjoy #Varys #TheHound


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David Brown