‘Champion’ children in the spotlight for CCHF fundraising campaign

Who: Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations (CCHF) and Fuse

What: A fundraising and awareness campaign called “Join Their Team,” built around social videos featuring 12 child “champions” from children’s hospitals across the country.

When & Where: The campaign launched with three videos timed to coincide with Children’s Hospital Week (March 18-24), with other videos are in the works. The videos are housed on digital and social platforms, including YouTube and Facebook.

How: The videos tell feel-good stories of children who overcame serious health challenges, thanks to the health care professionals—and donors and sponsors—at Canadian children’s hospitals.

Why: The videos are powerful depictions of where donor money is going and the good it is doing. By producing videos for 12 different “champion” patients, each CCHF hospital will have its own storytelling video to share throughout the year.

And we quote: “Our 2019 campaign is very different from approaches we have taken in the past,” said Angie Ramalho, director of constituent experience and integrated marketing, CCHF. “This year, Fuse’s storytelling approach feels more personal, as it takes the viewer behind the scenes on what it actually takes in terms of treatment and a support team to get a sick child back to a healthier state.”

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David Brown