Hendrick’s loses its cuke, Trebor batters everyday annoyances

Missing: Giant cucumber. Answers to Hendricks

As we’ve seen many times over the years, giant inflatables, while cool, can sometimes be a lot of trouble. Hendrick’s Gin found that out the hard way recently, when it created a massive inflatable cucumber (a popular gin garnish) to sail around Sydney Harbour.

Instead of wowing the Aussies, however, the giant gourd slipped overboard. A report by The Daily Mail featured video of the 40m long, eight-metre high cucumber slipping off its pontoon and toppling into the water, where it was quickly ripped apart.

Hendrick’s was as cool as, well, a cucumber in response to the catastrophe. The same day its cucumber disappeared into the drink, it launched a video noting asking consumers to keep their eyes peeled for the missing cuke. Consumers were invited to report their sightings using the hashtag #HendrickCucumberSOS for the chance to win a lifetime supply of Hendrick’s and cucumbers. 

Foodgroot gets graphic

Foodgroot, an app designed to help consumers make more informed decisions about the food they consume, has unveiled a stark print campaign detailing how artificial foods and plastics adversely impact the human body.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 8.44.08 PM.pngCreated by McCann Prague, “The Truth is Hard to Digest” campaign features two ads, “Plastic Man” and “Plastic Woman.”

Both ads show decomposing bodies, their insides filled with brightly coloured plastics that have failed to break down after death. Both ads are accompanied by messages detailing that the average person consumes 87 kilograms of artificial food and 70,000 microplastics each year.

Foodgroot provides information on food products, including ingredients and the terroir or food that supplied it, as well as information about what specific foods will benefit an individual.


L’Oreal Paris introduces beauty graphs 

L’Oreal Paris is applying a cosmetic solution to the lack of gender equality in German business with a visually arresting campaign created by McCann Germany.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 1.45.11 PM.png“This is an Ad for Men” is built around a series of print ads that use lipstick, mascara and nail polish to create charts that underscore the positive impact women can have on business results.

One execution, for example, shows that for companies with women in 30% of management positions, profit increases by 15%, companies.

All of the charts are built around research data from organizations including the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the University

According to L’Oreal, men comprise 91.4% of Germany’s management and executive boards.

Trebor bashes manspreaders, obnoxious parkers

U.K. confectionary brand Trebor is literally bashing everyday annoyances, from manspreading to overly precious restaurants, in a new social media campaign from Ogilvy London.

The “Give Me Strength” campaign plays on the common British phrase, which is used to express exasperation or disbelief.

The series of six-second ads features a giant pack of Trebor mints as a battering ram whenever someone utters the titular phrase in response to an annoying situation, such as being presented breakfast on a shovel, or someone displaying poor gym etiquette.

Ralph Lauren campaign features same-sex couple

For the first time in its history, Ralph Lauren is featuring a same-sex couple in its advertising. The fashion brand’s new spring campaign, “Family is Who You Love,” is highlighted by a one-minute film featuring images of eight diverse family units, including a lesbian couple.







Chris Powell