Turning MAGA into something better

Who: Toronto clothing brand Peace Collective and Zulu Alpha Kilo.

What: “#UnravelHate,” a campaign built around a toque featuring a “Welcome to Canada” message, created as an antidote to Donald Trump’s iconic MAGA hats.

When & Where: The social campaign just launched and the red-and-white toques are available now. Profits are going to WoodGreen Community Services, a charity that helps refugees and immigrants settle in Canada.

How: A video to launch the campaign features five immigrants sharing their stories about coming to Canada. ZAK also took MAGA caps, removed the white thread in the embroidered slogan, and used the thread to create a “Welcome to Canada” toque. That first symbolic toque has been posted for sale on eBay.

Why: Peace Collective, which has social good at it’s core (it’s right there in the name after all), says the MAGA cap is now so closely tied to “anti-immigrant and anti-minority views” that it has “become a representation of the divisive and combative political climate appearing worldwide.”

Quote: “We have an opportunity to tell the world that acceptance is stronger than hate, so the idea was to take a symbol of division and completely transform it,” —Roman Hessary, co-founder at Peace Collective.

David Brown