New web series captures emotions of Quebec

Who: Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec (the Alliance), Cossette, Hearts & Science (media), Cult Nation (production, music) and Post-Moderne (post-production).

What: “Born to Let Go,” a bilingual web series intended to promote the province in the French, U.S. and Ontario markets. The series was developed in association with the tourism industry and province’s various regions.

When & where: The series, which debuted earlier this year, is featured on Tourism Quebec’s YouTube channel.

How: It’s built around a series of eight videos, ranging in length from three to five minutes, that follow people as they explore the province. The videos are detailed, and designed to be viewed more than once. They feature a pair of traveller duos from outside of Canada.

Why: Sébastien Viau, vice-president of sales and marketing for the Alliance, says that the organization saw an “increased appetite” for longer content pieces among consumers during a previous campaign. The longer formats enable it to showcase experiences in greater detail, capture emotions and generally be “less generic,” says Florence Girod, chief strategy officer and head of integrated products at Cossette.

The music: Is by Québec singer-songwriter Charlotte Cardin and music producer CRi. It’s a cover of “Fous n’importe où” by Daniel Bélanger. An ode to escape, the song is considered a classic vacation soundtrack for thousands of Quebecers.

Next up, Mexico: Th Alliance plans to introduce four more videos targeting the Mexican market this fall. The videos will feature Mexican actor and blogger Alan Estrada, who appeared in a previous promotional campaign for the Alliance. This time the focus will be the province’s winter tourism.

Chris Powell