Loto-Québec’s (really) long-form video

Who: Loto-Québec, Cossette, Cossette Media, Gorditos (production, post-production, sound).

What: A 30-minute video outlining the rules of a fictional strategy board game called “Frontières et Territoires.” The video is actually promoting Loto-Québec’s new scratch bingo game, “Boîte à bingo.”

When & Where: The video debuted last month on Loto-Quebec’s social channels, including YouTube and Facebook.

Why: The creative concept: Some games might be fun, but they’re ridiculously complicated. “Boîte à bingo” is not.

How: The video reflects a growing interest in strategy board games, which have grown both in popularity and complexity over the years. It features Dave Bélisle and Julien Corriveau from the Québec comedy troupe Les Appendices, who go into great detail about “Frontières et Territoires,” and the multiple ways to play. Cossette’s creative team actually designed game boards, cards and figurines for the game, bringing it to life with a 20-page script (the video was shot in just two takes).

Proof the gaming community is highly engaged:  The video has garnered more than 430,000 views on YouTube, with more than 56,000 people watching the first seven minutes and nearly 15,000 people watching the whole thing. It has generated more than 3,100 interactions on Facebook (compared to an average of 650 on a typical post), with fans even debating the rules—for a fictional game, remember—with Loto-Quebec’s community managers.

And we quote: “Frontières et Territoires,” an original creation by Cossette, is probably THE most complicated board game out there. “We’re still arguing among ourselves, but depending on the version, we have calculated eight ways to end the game… except if the polar ice caps have time to melt altogether, in which case, the fun is over.” —Vicky Morin, creative director, Cossette.

Chris Powell