Dr. Oetker launches dessert line

Who: Dr. Oetker and Giants & Gentlemen.

What: Advertising to launch a new frozen dessert line called Pâtisserie.

When & Where: The TV spot launched earlier this month, running on Corus’ women’s specialty networks in April and May. There are also pre-roll ads and ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Why: Targeted to women, the desserts are made with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. The ad ends with the line “Oui, Pâtisserie.”

How: The agency used stop motion and live action (by Bent Image Lab) to remix French high fashion and contemporary cultures—from the original music by Apollo Music Studios, to the dessert plates inspired by 19th century artist Fornasetti.

And we quote: “The majority of consumers would associate Dr. Oetker with our line-up of pizza varieties, but Dr. Oetker actually started the entire company from packaged dessert mixes. With this brand launch, we hope that we will be able to carve out an even bigger slice of the dessert market.” Yuri Minski, Dr. Oetker’s marketing manager of desserts and innovation at Dr. Oetker.

David Brown