Timothy’s helping people get through the day

Who: Timothy’s and lg2.

What: New logo, packaging and an advertising campaign for the Keurig-owned coffee brand (the home-brew coffee, not the Timothy’s Cafes).

When & Where: Starting today (April 29) the Ontario-focused campaign is running across most media, including TV, online, out-of-home, digital and influencer.

How: Using the tagline “You can handle it,” the campaign focuses entirely on Timothy’s as a coffee for people who need a boost to help get them through the day. The bright and cheery tone of the TV spot shows how the everyday frustrations of modern life are no big deal when you have a cup of Timothy’s on the go.

Why: Timothy’s is in the value home-brew segment, so rather than focus on the quality of the beans (like a lot of coffee marketing) it is showing that it understands its customers and wants to help them out. “We know our consumers drink our product for the boost it gives them. It is functional and serves a purpose that helps them power through their day,” said Stéphane Renauld, director, brand marketing at Keurig Canada Inc. “Because in many ways your mug of coffee is like a supportive sidekick through work and play.”

David Brown