A sexy new campaign for ParticipACTION

Who: ParticipACTION, Zulu Alpha Kilo, Cossette Media, Cylinder Sound (radio).

What: Another wave of creative in the “Everything gets better when you get active,” campaign, this time explaining how increased physical activity can lead to an improved sex life.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 11.09.31 AM

When & Where: The campaign breaks this week, and includes digital out-of-home, as well as social media content and radio.

Why: It’s part of an ongoing effort by ParticipACTION to change consumer attitudes around the benefits of physical activity, which have traditionally been focused on weight loss. Research suggests that regular physical activity improves blood flow throughout the body—”even down below”—which can significantly boost libido.

How: The ads use images of sports equipment—a bicycle seat, a badminton birdie and tennis balls—as visual metaphors for private parts, accompanied by double entendre copy such as “Hop on the saddle. Sex gets better when you cycle.” Radio ads open on heavy breathing and grunting from sporting activities such as wrestling and Taekwondo, before a voiceover informs listeners that “sex gets better…” when engaging in this type of physical activity.

What else: The campaign appears in the wake of the launch of the new ParticipACTION app, which is designed to help Canadians meet their personalized goal of a set number of minutes of physical activity each week.

And we quote: “We have the opportunity within our brand platform to showcase specific ‘betters’ to drive home the benefits of being active. By flipping the equation, this allows us to shift perceptions and show Canadians that being physically active is not just about your physical appearance.” — Shauna Pichosky, vice-president of marketing and communications, ParticipACTION.

Chris Powell