Interac tells the cutest security story

Who: Interac, Zulu Alpha Kilo and Media Experts.

What: A new national ad campaign touting the security benefits of Interac’s Flash tap payment system.

Whene & Where: A national media buy including TV, social and out-of-home.

Why: Interac is focused on demonstrating the features that make it safer than cash.

How: The feature TV spot is all about security—more specifically the fiercest, most gosh-darn cute little protection system you’ve ever seen. Brutus is a tiny guard chihuahua who diligently scares off any threats to the home of his owner, who happens to be buying Brutus a treat using Interac Flash. A voiceover connects the two threads to close the ad, explaining that Interac is “safer than cash because you’re protected from fraud with zero customer liability.”

Quote: “Over the past few years, consumers have grown increasingly concerned about the security of their data and liability for unauthorized transactions, and so it was important for us to remind and educate Canadians of the protections in place as it relates to fraudulent activity when they use Interac Flash.” —Andrea Danovitch, assistant vice-president of marketing and brand for Interac Corp.

David Brown