Hershey’s plays up ‘Dad Jokes’ as one of life’s sweet moments

Who: Hershey’s Canada, Anomaly, Sparks Productions and UM Canada.

What: “Dad Jokes,” a new online video that is part of the confectionary company’s “Life is Sweet” masterbrand platform.

When & where: Because the campaign is built around the insight that Hershey’s doesn’t want people to skip simple everyday moments, it is using YouTube’s skippable ad unit. The online video, which runs through Aug 25, has garnered nearly 1.4 million views since debuting earlier this month.

Why: According to senior marketing manager John Hay, the “Life is Sweet” platform is intended to establish Hershey’s as a “megabrand” among Canadian consumers. “It was a way to connect the products we have under our portfolio and infuse the brand with meaning,” he said in an email to The Message. “The big idea behind “Life is Sweet” is that life constantly sidetracks us and stops us from enjoying the ride.”

How: Performed entirely in ASL, “Dad Jokes” features actual father and son Chris and Braden Kenopic ditching their electronics to share quality time over cringeworthy jokes (eg: Q: What kind of candy is never on time? A: Choco-LATE). Both are prominent members of Toronto’s deaf community, with Chris previously serving as president of the Canadian Hearing Society.

“At Hershey’s we are committed to being inclusive across all aspects of our business. The storyline in ‘Dad Jokes’ is universally relatable, so we took the opportunity to portray a community that does not often get to see themselves reflected in media,” said Jackson Hitchon, senior director of marketing with Hershey’s.

And we quote: “Life is full of sweet little moments and we just wanted to open people’s eyes to them, in a way that would stand out and resonate.” — Jamie Marcovitch, creative director, Anomaly.


Chris Powell