Nike is dreaming of the World Cup, Mona Lisa lives and Pantone’s colourful coral tribute

Nike celebrates women’s soccer with ‘Dream Further’

Nike dropped a soaring three-minute celebration of women’s soccer on Saturday, days ahead of the start of the Women’s World Cup in France. Continuing with it’s “Dream” theme, the new spot is called “Dream Further” and focuses on a 10-year-old girl who unexpectedly finds herself playing—and celebrating—alongside many of the top players in women’s soccer. The ad spotlights more than a dozen of the top women’s players in the world (all from Nike sponsored teams), and includes a few other cameos including e-sports star F2TEKKZ. Nike may regret including Brazilian mens star Neymar Jr., however, who was recently accused of rape.

Mona Lisa comes to life for Perrier

The Mona Lisa literally takes on a life of its own in a new spot for Perrier‘s “Extraordinaire Perrier” brand campaign. The spot, from French agency Rosapark, features the subject of the world’s most famous painting climbing out of the frame to retrieve a forgotten bottle of Perrier, and subsequently embarking on a whirlwind tour of contemporary culture. The spot is directed by Manu Cossu, who also directed the “Hot Air Balloons” launch campaign for the “Extraordinaire Perrier” brand platform in 2015 and “Original is Never Finished” for Adidas. It’s soundtracked by Duke Ellington’s famous song “Caravan.”

New Pantone colours highlight ocean coral crisis

Adobe Stock and the Pantone Colour Institute have partnered with The Ocean Agency to introduce a new line of colours to create awareness of the coral reef crisis in the world’s oceans. The “Glowing, Glowing, Gone” hues—Glowing Yellow, Glowing Blue and Glowing Purple—reference the brightly coloured chemicals produced by coral in response to high water temperatures and sun exposure. Approximately 50% of the world’s live coral reefs, a major planetary ecosystem, have been lost in the past 30 years. The organizations are calling on people to create “unignorable art and designs” using the “Glowing, glowing, gone” colour palette.

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Chris Powell