Danone goes all natural and local for new yogurt

Who: Danone, Taxi and Wavemaker (media).

What: A multi-media, national advertising campaign for an all-natural, sugar free yogurt that launched in February.

When & Where: The campaign is in market now, running on TV, digital (video, display, social), out-of-home, along with a PR push and some influencer.

How: Using the tagline “It’s revolutionary (for yogurt)” the creative takes a playful approach, portraying the new yogurt as a really big deal. Outdoor, for example, compares the all-natural yogurt to the invention of the light bulb.

Why: Aside from being all natural and sugar free, Danone also hit consumer trend sweet-spots, such as sustainable agriculture and being locally sourced. All of the milk in Danone yogurt now comes from Nutrinor Cooperative, a small network of Canadian dairy farms. “We know how much Canadians care about where their food comes from, and we invest that same care into developing products that are made more responsibly,” said Pedro Silveira, president of Danone Canada, at the time of the launch.

Creative media: A month-long execution in Toronto’s Dundas Square uses adjacent digital boards to show how fruit-filled the new yogurt is, with blueberries exploding out of a container on screen and crossing over to the screen beside it. Packaging was also redesigned to include tips and recipes for cooking with yogurt.

Quote: “A revolution is all about inspiring change, and our new Danone-branded yogurt will give Canadians a new appreciation of how delicious food can be in its natural state. Our campaign is meant to be disruptive for the category, while still having a bit of fun.” Marie-Eve Girard, director of essential dairy and innovation portfolio at Danone Canada.

David Brown