Shortlists announced in Media, Direct, PR and Social and Influencer Lions

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In addition to receiving five shortlist nods in the Creative Data and Creative Strategy Lions, FCB/Six‘s “Go Back to Africa” campaign on behalf of Black and Abroad also made its way onto several other shortlists on Tuesday, including the Media, PR and Social & Influencer categories.

It was one of several Canadian entries to garner multiple nods, a list that also included FCB Canada‘s “Endangered Syndrome” work for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, Cossette‘s “SickKids VS: Crews” for the SickKids Foundation, Bensimon Bryne‘s “Healing House” execution on behalf of Casey House, and Anomaly‘s “Oh Henry! 4:25” work for the Hershey Company Canada.

Media Lions

Canada had nine of the 237 shortlisted entries in the Media Lions competition, led by four nods for FCB/Six’s “Go Back to Africa” work. The campaign, which turned the hateful racist taunt into a positive message, received nods in the Travel, Challenger Brand, Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight and Data Driven Targeting categories.

Bensimon Byrne scored two nods for its work on “The Healing House” on behalf of client Casey House. The campaign, a pop-up spa staffed by HIV-positive massage therapists, was acknowledged in the Use of Stunts and Social Behaviour and Cultural Insights categories.

PHD Montreal scored a shortlist mention in the Media/Entertainment category for its “Fighting Fake News in Real Time,” while Rethink earned a nod in the Excellence in Media Insights and Strategy category for “IKEA Bed Time.”

Radio-Canada – Fighting Fake News in Real-Time from PHD Montréal on Vimeo.

Ogilvy Toronto earned a nod in the Use of Events category for its “Hellmann’s Real Food Rescue” execution for Unilever’s Hellmann’s mayonnaise brand, which saw the brand take grocery store food destined to be thrown away and used it to feed crowds at stadium events.

Direct Lions

Canada accounted for six of the 217 shortlist nods in the Direct Lions category, led by Anomaly Toronto‘s “Oh Henry! 4:25” work for The Hershey Company Canada.

The campaign, which featured a special Oh Henry! chocolate bar specifically targeted towards recreational cannabis users, earned three shortlist nods in the Launch/Relaunch, Single-market Campaign and Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight categories.

Bensimon Byrne’s “The Healing House” also added to its impressive total with nods in both the Not for Profit/Charity/Government category and the Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight categories.

Rethink’s “Pass the Bill,” a bronze winner in Monday’s Design Lions competition, was also shortlisted in the Single-market Campaign category.

PR Lions

Canada earned seven of the 242 shortlist nods in the PR Lions competition, led by FCB Canada with three nods for its “Endangered Syndrome” work on behalf of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

The controversial campaign, which compared people with Down Syndrome with endangered species, earned three shortlist nods in the Not-for-profit/Charity/Government, Challenger Brand and Social Behaviour and Cultural Insight categories.

Bensimon Bryne’s “The Healing House” campaign, developed in partnership with sister PR shop Narrative, was shortlisted twice, in the Use of Events and Stunts and Local Brand categories.

Lg2 Montreal was shortlisted in the Local Brand subcategory for “Electron-The Powerful Journey” on behalf of Hydro-Québec.

Leo Burnett Toronto and sister agency Leo Burnett Colombo also earned a shortlist nod in the Brand Voice & Strategic Storytelling category for the “Petal Paint” execution for JAT Holding.

Social and Influencer Lions

Canada garnered eight of 162 shortlist nods in the Social and Influencer Lions category, led by Cossette’s four nominations for its “SickKids Vs. Crews” work for the SickKids Foundation.

Grey Canada‘s “First Shave” campaign for Procter and Gamble’s Gillette brand also earned a pair of shortlist nods in the Audience Targeting/Engagement Strategies and Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight categories.

Rethink’s “Backfire” for States United Against Gun Violence also earned a nod in the Real-time Response category. The campaign uses real-time data from more than 2,500 media, law enforcement and government sources to auto-tweet U.S. president Donald Trump whenever someone in the U.S. dies as a result of gun violence.

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