‘Yep,’ that’s a new brand platform for Brisk

Who: Brisk Iced Tea, DDB Canada Toronto and OMD Canada.

What: “Bold, Refreshing, Yep,” a new brand platform.

When & where:  Inspired by the “Yep” word-mark on Brisk packaging, the  bilingual campaign is highlighted by “Multiverse”—a 30-second TV spot that debuted on June 10. Cutdown versions of the spot are running on Instagram and Snapchat, and there’s also a custom “Yep” lens on Snapchat that enables users to animate their selfies.

The media buy by OMD also includes YouTube’s Masthead and TrueView advertising units, as well as advertising on the video game streaming service Twitch featuring influencers “Lobosjr” and “Giantwaffle.” They will be filmed in a Brisk-branded studio, challenging each other to wild in-game antics—to which the other person will respond “Yep.” Their two-hour stream will appear on Twitch on June 27.

The campaign runs through August.

Why: The campaign positions Brisk as a brand that appeals to bold people who say “yep” to any scenario that comes their way. It’s intended to build brand equity and likability with its male teen target through the use of “engaging storytelling” says Reid Black, marketing director — tea, energy and coffee, with Pepsico in Toronto.

How: The “Multiverse” spot follows two teen boys who embark on a multi-world adventure simply by saying “yes” to every scenario they encounter. The ads combine live action with two different animated worlds—including the black and white world that was a hallmark of old-school Brisk spots featuring animated versions of Rocky Balboa and Frank Sinatra.

And we quote: “People who drink Brisk are bold, and when you’re bold you don’t say no, you buckle up and go for it. The new brand platform is simple yet scalable, with lots of opportunity to market across all touchpoints and build the brand in the years to come.” —Allan Topol, creative director, DDB Canada Toronto.


Chris Powell