WeedMD introduces Color cannabis with bucket hats and pine trees

Who: WeedMD and Sid Lee.

What: A new recreational cannabis brand called Color (made for Canada but spelled without the “u”), exclusively available to distributors and select retailers across Canada in stores and online.

When & Where: The brand was launched a few weeks ago and the product was scheduled to arrive in stores this month.

Why: With Color, the marketers are really locking onto the idea that cannabis can become a positive force in society if people will only be open minded about it. “The brand is rooted on a simple insight: The world is no longer seen in black and white,” said Brett Moon, WeedMD’s senior vice-president of sales and marketing, in a release. “Color Cannabis aims to inspire our consumers to live and experience cannabis in their own unique and personal way.”

How: An assortment of words—High tide. Bucket hats. Encore. Pine trees. New friends. Moonlight—and photos connected to the brand’s various strains, but intended to be open-ended to let the user “conjure up their own impressions” about those strains without “prescribing situations or scenarios.” Sid Lee describes this response to the tight cannabis marketing restrictions in Canada as an “impressionistic approach to communicate the spirit of Color.”

In other words… They can’t say it, but the dreamy, atmospheric tone of the creative, and random fridge magnet poetry vibe of the words, feels a liiiittle bit like it’s about the joy of getting really high and finding beauty in things like bucket hats and pine trees.

Quotes: “Color cannabis exists to help the world be more open to what cannabis means for them. It’s optimism and trying to figure out what this plant can do for the world.” —WeedMD director of marketing Kait Wilson, in an introductory video.

“We believe cannabis will have a positive impact on humanity in the 21st century. The name Color stands for the many benefits of cannabis yet to be discovered and the open-mindedness the world needs more of.”—Laura Stein, Sid Lee creative director.

David Brown