Dairy Farmers of Canada puts focus on innovation in new campaign

Who: Dairy Farmers of Canada, DDB (creative), Initiative (media) and Mirum (digital).

What: A new ad platform and campaign emphasizing the innovation in Canadian dairy farming—as well as the high quality of the product—using the tagline, “Dairy farming forward.”

When & Where: The campaign launched Monday and is running until August on TV, online (video, social, search), out of home and on Spotify.

Why: The goal with this platform (DFC’s second this year) is to specifically address millennial misconceptions about dairy farming.

How: Gone is the light-hearted, humorous campaign launched in January. In its place is this unambiguous message about innovation, backed by pulsing music and a narrator who spells out that Canadian dairy farms are innovating in three key areas: animal welfare, the environment, and quality of the product. Creative includes shots of high-tech tractors, robots in barns and automated cow-brushing machines. The narrator ends the spots by connecting the innovations to the DFC’s blue cow logo: “That’s what this symbol stands for.”

What happened to the earlier campaign? Using the tagline “Honest. Canadian. Dairy.” that creative was also intended to dispel millennial misconceptions. In a release DFC and DDB say that campaign contributed to “significant uplifts” thanks to statements about Canadian milk being antibiotic free and produced without artificial growth hormones. However, it also led to complaints from animal rights groups, and one ad had to be pulled. In March Pamela Nalewajek also took over as DFC’s new vice-president of marketing and strategic business development, joining from Saputo. “We are taking advantage of the momentum generated by Honest. Canadian. Dairy,” she said of the new creative.

Quote: “Our new campaign is designed to highlight how we are continually embracing innovations on our farms to further the values we place on our environmentally and socially-responsible practices. As with our previous campaign, we want to communicate to Canadians, especially millennials, that what we show in our ads, our farmers’ dedication, their love of the land and for their animals, are values that our Blue Cow logo stands for.” —Pamela Nalewajek.

David Brown