Friday distraction: 15 Cannes Lions winners for your viewing pleasure

Look, it’s a Friday afternoon. In July. If you haven’t already left the office and you’re looking for a distraction, The Message has got you covered. Below, for your viewing pleasure, we present 15 Lions winning commercial films—some of the very best creative from around the world in the last year.

We chose winners from either Film or Film Craft categories that have, for the most part, been slightly less exposed here in Canada. There’s an emphasis on non-American work, though not entirely so. They are presented at random and without comment. We’re not even going to tell you if they won Gold or Silver. That’s for you to decide.

“The Lift” for Bianco Footwear from Denmark


“22 Again” for Loterias Y Apuestas Del Estado from Spain

“Father’s Share” for Allan Gray from South Africa

“We Are All Equal” for Pro Infirmis from Switzerland

“One in a Million” for P&G Vicks from Singapore

“Viva la Vulva” for Libresse from United Kingdom

“Vikings” for Amazon Prime from United Kingdom (one of a three ad campaign)

“BK Bot: Crown Whopper Yes Doctor No” for Burger King from USA (one of a five ad campaign)

“The Boy and his Piano” for John Lewis from United Kingdom

“The Underdogs” for Apple from United States

“The Endless Ad” for P&G Old Spice from Brazil

“An Open Mind is the Best Look” for Nordstrom from United States

“5B” for Johnson & Johnson from United States (behind the scenes for 5B documentary)

“Expensify This” for Expensify from United States

“Unmissable” for Heineken from Italy

David Brown