One day, 22 creatives, four ad campaigns designed for Facebook

Four small marketers in Vancouver got huge brand-building assists from Facebook last week, courtesy of its “Made in, Made for Vancouver” event.

The one day hackathon brought together 22 ad agency creatives from four local agencies—Cossette, Taxi, The&Partnership and Rethink—to brainstorm, develop and produce advertising campaigns designed for Facebook and Instagram. It was the second such event hosted by Facebook, following the “Made in, Made for New York” earlier this year.

Here’s what they came up with (all four campaigns below):

Vancouver Salt Co., with Rethink and Taxi

Vancouver Island Salt Co. produces all natural sea salt harvested from Oyster Bay on Vancouver Island. The creative team came up with the tagline “A taste of the Canadian Pacific in every crystal” then went to the ocean to shoot the creative.


Winter Daisy with Cossette.

Winter Daisy is a blog which provides interior design advice and tips for parents who want to create beautiful spaces for their children. The target audience was working moms who know having children can mean chaos, and want well-designed, organized spaces to enjoy time together. The creative shows Winter Daisy designs in which to enjoy beautiful moments, with the tagline: Kids can be chaos… their rooms don’t have to be. 


Flytographer with The&Partnership

Flytographer connects travellers with local photographers who can help capture the best travel memories possible. The&Partnership insight was that too often travel photos are either poor quality and/or end up buried in phones. The creative idea was to celebrate #wallworthy photographs that can be produced by using Flytographer. The agency used B-roll from a Flytographer shoot, animated logos and titles and created a music track for this campaign.


Alleles and Rethink

Alleles Design Studio provides fashion-forward and accessible prosthetic covers for amputees. The owners wanted to reposition as a fashion brand to tackle misconceptions about their consumers. When one of the Alleles employees (and a product user) said the covers give her a chance to express how she feels as her moods change from day to the next, the creative team landed on the idea of “Get Changed.” The team then shot short, energetic films that position the product as a a fashion accessory more than a medical device.

David Brown