Burger King Sweden’s mystery meat campaign; Nike celebrates U.S. women’s World Cup win

Meat or plant-based sandwich? Burger King Sweden gives customers a 50/50 chance

To promote its plant-based Rebel Whopper and Rebel Chicken King sandwiches, Burger King Sweden has launched a 50/50 menu. Customers ordering from the menu might get a traditional Whopper or Chicken King sandwich, or they might get the plant-based option. They can guess, but the only way to find out for sure is to scan a symbol on the box using the Burger King app.

Nike celebrates Team U.S.A.’s World Cup win
While the FIFA Women’s World Cup was a disappointment for Canada, the U.S. team won it all again on Sunday. It was Team U.S.A.’s second consecutive World Cup triumph, and its fourth overall. Led by outspoken star Megan Rapinoe, the team has been embraced not only for its on-field play, but for its off-field fight for pay equity (as well as some other bolder political positions). Nike was ready for the win Sunday, with this ad that celebrates not only the victory, but the larger symbolic storylines attached to the team.

Budweiser releasing documentary about its brewmasters…

Budweiser is about to release Kings of Beer, an 80-minute documentary about Budweiser brewmasters from 65 countries who are competing to be named the best in the world—according to Budweiser. The film will be released on Aug. 2 in select theatres in the U.S. and Canada, and will be available through Apple for $12.99.

Kings of Beer is a special film, not only because of Budweiser’s role in America’s brewing history, but because for the first time we are able to offer audiences a seat in our tasting room for a firsthand look at our very personal and competitive process,” said Pete Kraemer, chief global brewmaster at Budweiser, in a release. “We hope this film will shed light on the complexity of brewing and inspire more Brewmasters to come.”

…while Starbucks is releasing documentary about soccer

Meanwhile, Starbucks is behind a new documentary series about soccer that is coming to the Amazon Prime streaming service on Aug. 2. The six-part series connects the world’s most popular game to larger human themes like redemption, belief, love and pride.

Why is Starbucks behind it? “Starbucks mission of inspiring and nurturing the human spirit brings customers and partners together in our stores every day,” said Gina Woods, senior vice president, public affairs for the coffee chain. “While we do this through coffee, football has a similar ability to unite people around the world across boundaries of age, background and beliefs. It’s this shared spirit of connection and values that drew us to the project and we’re thrilled to share it with our partners and customers around the world.”

David Brown