Delissio’s newest crust innovation: carb-board

Who: Delissio and OneMethod.

What: “No Crust Left Behind,” an integrated campaign promoting the new Delissio Stuffed Crust frozen pizzas, which feature a cheese-filled crust.

When & Where: The two-phase campaign launched in the spring with digital, out-of-home, social and a 30-second TV spot called “Stuffed with Hope.” All of the campaign elements promote the idea of “No Crust Left Behind.”

The second phase, which debuted in mid-June and runs through Aug. 5, brought the concept to life through a series of social posts that retargeted people who had seen the original TV and pre-roll spots. All of the creative drives to

Why: The campaign’s goal is to promote the new Delissio Stuffed Crust pizza by focusing on of the major points of contention (besides anchovies, of course) when it comes to pizza: the crust.

Some people just don’t like the crust. In fact, a study conducted a few years ago by the U.S. brand Pizza Inn found that 27% of Americans don’t eat the crust (although 24% also admitted to asking for someone else’s leftover crust).

The goal is to demonstrate that Delissio Stuffed Crust pizza is so good, everyone will want to eat their crust. “Delissio’s pizza is good to the last bite, so it’s kind of a champion of crust,” says Dan Strasser, creative director of OneMethod. “Delissio’s on a mission to make every crust worth eating.”

How: To drive home the point that people don’t eat the crust of other brands, OneMethod worked with a Toronto artist and papermaker to turn remnant pizza crusts into handmade paper (dubbed “carb-board”) which was used to create 10 posters for Delissio Stuffed Crust that actually ran as ads.

Screen shot 2019-07-10 at 11.54.51 AM.png

According to Strasser, OneMethod staffers ordered a few hundred pizzas from competitive brands, deliberately leaving the crusts to get the amount required to make the paper (“We’ll do what it takes,” he says).

There is also a 90-second video running on YouTube and the website explaining the process. The video features the brand’s so-called “crust innovation engineer” Dave Simmons (Toronto improv actor Conner Thompson). Thompson improvised as much as 40% of the dialogue in the spot, says Strasser. “He was able to work with the space we had and really brought it to life.”

There’s also a “making of” video showing how the crusts were transformed into paper. The site features a “crustatistics” section, with visitors invited to enter their age, the average number of slices they eat a month, and whether they eat the crust to determine how many crusts they’ve left in their lifetime.

So did it work?: According to Delissio, the campaign has been an “overwhelming success” in terms of driving trial for Stuffed Crust, with trial rates 35% higher among people aware of the campaign and increased purchased intent. The campaign also led to strong interest in other sub-brands.  

The Making of Crust Paper

Chris Powell