Got a minute? Take a look at this

The minute. It’s been mankind’s de facto measure of time for centuries, used to inform people of our whereabouts (“I’m going to be five minutes late”) to keeping track of our imminent demise (It is currently “two minutes to midnight” on the Doomsday Clock).

It’s 60 measly seconds, but as Domo‘s annual “Data Never Sleeps” infographic demonstrates, an awful lot can happen in an internet minute. Now in its seventh iteration, the annual report outlines just how much data the world’s internet users are generating with every sweep of the second hand (spoiler alert: It’s a lot).

According to the cloud-software company, there will be 40 times more bytes of data than there are stars in the observable universe by 2020, and that number will increase exponentially as the internet population continues to grow.

“Year over year, the variety and velocity of data generated from new applications and internet-based services provide an interesting view in how technology continues to change the ways in which we communicate, collaborate and build community,” said Domo founder and CEO Josh James. “While the popularity of underlying applications may change over time, the desire for technology to improve our lives remains constant.”

The internet reached 56.1% of the world’s population in January, a total of 4.39 billion people. That marks a 9% increase from January 2018. According to the latest report, every minute (with some of our own commentary):

  1. Google conducts 4,497,420 searches (Bing 323. Probably).
  2. Users watch 4.5 million YouTube videos (the “skip ad” button is used on 4.49 million).
  3. 188 million e-mails are sent (2 million inadvertently using the “reply all” button).
  4. 18.1 million texts are sent (6 million contain a spelling eror of some kind).
  5. The word “#Love” is posted 233,211 times (we suspect #blessed is second).
  6. Netflix users stream 694,444 hours of video (when IS Mindhunter coming back anyway?)
  7. Twitter users send 511,200 tweets (511,199 are from you know who).
  8. 390,030 apps are downloaded (only 30 of which will be used more than once).
  9. Uber users take 9,772 rides (you might say ride-sharing is über popular).
  10. Tinder users swipe 1.4 million times (so many swipes, yet so few “clicks”).

See the full infographic here.


Chris Powell