Shreddies doubles down on a regular production flaw with a new contest

Who: Shreddies and Ogilvy Canada, with Someone’s Cousin (animation) and Wask Studio (design) on production.

What: A new social-led campaign featuring contesting around one of the rarest phenomenons (our words) in cereal, the “Double Shreddie.” According to Shreddies, finding a “Double Shreddie” in your cereal bowl is a sure sign it’s going to be a good day.

When & Where: The campaign is running through the end of July on Facebook and Instagram.

Why: It’s an awareness play, of course, but it also feels like a bit of a (welcome) return to the oddball marketing that used to be a hallmark of the Shreddies brand (think of the iconic “Diamond Shreddies” campaign). Marketing for the cereal brand has become a little more “warm and fuzzy” in recent years, with campaigns built around the concept of “Genuine Goodness.”

How: The campaign is inviting people to share their photo of their “Double Shreddie” using the hashtag #DoubleShreddiesContest for a chance to win Shreddies-shaped merchandise like sunglasses and cufflinks, plus a year’s supply of Shreddies cereal. The contest generated more than 1,000 shares in its first week.

Ogilvy Canada’s chief creative officer Brian Murray says it’s the type of brand-owned platform that can be used over and over, even likening it to arguably the country’s most famous promotion. “It’s unlocking something that’s inherent to the product that they can bring back again and again,” he says. “It could be their ‘Roll Up the Rim.'”

But WTF is a Double Shreddie? Sounds like it should involve a skateboard: Well, it’s apparently the result of a production flaw, created when the slicer at the factory in Niagara Falls, Ont. misses one of the rectangular cereal blocks as it moves down the conveyer line.

There’s no hard data, but Murray—an avowed Shreddies fan who says he’s enjoyed finding Double Shreddies ever since he was a kid—estimates that it occurs in every one-and-a-half boxes. “We’ve taken this production flaw and turned it into this great campaign,” he says.

And we quote: “Shreddies has always been about genuine goodness. We want the moment of joy when consumers find a Double Shreddie to be another way the brand delivers on that promise.”—David Bagozzi, vice-president of marketing, Canada and international, with Post Consumer Brands.

Chris Powell