Save-On-Foods embraces real life moments

Who: Save-On-Foods and One Twenty Three West, with Upshot Studios (production), Post Pro Media (post-production), Murmur Music & Sound (music) and OMD (media).

What: A new brand campaign “Amazing Food. For Real Life.”

When & Where: The year-long campaign debuted this week with five online and broadcast spots.

Why: Western Canada’s largest grocery chain has traditionally emphasized value through its “Darrell’s Deals” advertising. The new campaign marks a pivot towards the quality of its products, such as baked in-store artisan breads, local produce, handcrafted cakes, Western Canadian AAA beef, etc.

How: Each spot begins with a shot of president Darrell Jones, who is a mainstay in the company’s advertising, before transitioning into the type of “beauty shots” that are standard in grocery advertising: Lots of slow-motion, close-up shots of perfect fruits and vegetables, artisan bread being baked, etc. before cutting to a light-hearted “real life” moment, such as the family dog scarfing down a AAA steak, or a young child surreptitiously throwing away grape tomatoes.

And we quote:“When you’re working with quality ingredients, cooking feels like an escape—you can get lost in the drama of washing and chopping vegetables, or pan frying something on a gas stove. But it just takes one kitchen mishap or a shout from your kid to send you back to reality. That’s the insight that the campaign is based around.” —Mia Thomsett, creative director, One Twenty Three West.




Chris Powell