How dirty oil is like dirty dishes

Who: BC Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA), Here Be Monsters for creative and Wirtz Media for media.

What: “It Just Gets Dirty,” a new advertising campaign to get British Columbians to recycle used motor oil and antifreeze.

When & Where: TV, digital and outdoor is running now through the end of October.

Why: One of BCUOMA’s primary mandates is to get people to dispose of their motor oil and antifreeze in cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways. But too many people don’t know they have those options. The campaign is intended to raise awareness that used oil isn’t garbage and should be recycled.

How: Humorous TV spots deliver the message that simply throwing out used motor oil is as foolish as throwing out dirty dishes or a dirty bike. Outdoor includes buses made to look dirty, accompanied by the line: “Just like this bus, motor oil can be cleaned and used over and over.”

Quote: “We realize this is a low-interest category, so we chose to be absurd in our approach. To throw away motor oil is absurd. Likewise, it’s absurd to throw away a dirty bike or your dinner plates and glasses after dinner. That was the creative idea for the TV spots.” —Tony Hird, creative director at Here Be Monsters.


David Brown