Egg Farmers of Canada get ‘weird’ to promote all-day eggs

Who: Egg Farmers of Canada and Cossette.

What: A new marketing platform, “Eggs Anytime.”

When & Where: The campaign broke Tuesday and includes TV, online, social and digital out-of-home. The latter approach uses a day-parting strategy to feature time relevant meal ideas.

Why: The goal is to eliminate the consumer perception that eggs are a breakfast-only food. It comes amid rising consumer appetite for eggs. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ascribes the growth to several factors: a shift in consumer attitudes towards eggs; a move towards more protein-driven diets that feature eggs as a cheaper protein source; a decrease in cold cereal food availability for breakfast; and increased demand for products containing liquid egg whites.

It is the first time in several years that Egg Farmers of Canada is taking such an active approach to promoting eggs for all food occasions.

How: The campaign is built around a pair of humorous spots featuring people defending their “weird” decision to eat eggs outside of breakfast by pointing out genuine weirdness—such as a man whose pants are hiked up to his chest or a brother’s girlfriend who looks like his mom. They end with the voiceover “Eggs for lunch/dinner isn’t weird. You’re weird for thinking it’s weird.”

And we quote: “We want to reframe the way Canadians think about eggs. Eggs have long been loved as a breakfast favourite and this campaign is about getting Canadians to question why they can’t enjoy eggs at any time of the day.” — Judi Bundrock, chief marketing and communications officer, Egg Farmers of Canada.



Chris Powell