Jam3 imagines the year 2048 for Adidas

Who: Adidas and Jam3, with the popular men’s fashion and culture site Hypebeast.

What: A launch campaign for three new Adidas Originals Ozweego colourways, including a secret location pop-up in NYC and a “website of the future.”

When & Where: The pop-up ran for just one day earlier this month in lower Manhattan. The website of the future took over the homepage of Hypebeast the same day and is still live as a page hosted by Hypebeast.

Why: This was Jam3 and Adidas looking into the future for a sneaker that is proudly tied to the past, thanks to a trendy retro, chunky style popular during the 90s. The creative conceit is imagining how Ozweegos would be perceived in the year 2048, the 50th anniversary of the line’s 1998 launch. Adidas has a creative ethos of the “past empowers the future,” said Caroline Leung, a strategist at Jam3.

How: Jam3 created what it called a “newsstand of the future.” The roughly 350 visitors to the Oz-Wee-Go bodega entered the experience through a fridge door. Once inside, they punched a code into an old-school newspaper box, triggering an animated light show that transported them to the future. They also received an Ozweego lookbook and a ticket to redeem for their own pair of Ozweegos.

What about the site: It’s essentially what Jam3 imagined a Hypebeast homepage about Ozweego from 2048 might look like. “We explored the shoe through an editorial lens to see how fashion and style could be shaped by technology, culture, and the economy,” said Leung.

Quote: “Because this silhouette celebrates the best parts of Adidas’ design legacy, we thought it’d be fun to imagine how this legacy could be interpreted in the future for its 50th anniversary.” —Caroline Leung, strategist at Jam3.

David Brown