Vividata introducing passive measurement panel

Audience insights firm Vividata is adding passive data collection to enhance its suite of consumer research products, thanks to a new partnership with RealityMine, Ipsos and Delvinia.

RealityMine will provide an app that collects mobile behavioural data including search, browsing, app use, e-commerce and audio/video streaming, along with location data.

Vividata will integrate the passive data with its ongoing Survey of the Canadian Consumer and specialist studies from its Vivintel unit, including cannabis, e-sports, ethnicity and others currently in development.

The panel at launch will be 600 people, said Vividata president and CEO Pat Pellegrini. “I suspect that through 2020, this panel will head towards 3,000, maybe even to 5,000. But at launch, it’ll be 600.”

Passive data collection—from people who have opted in and volunteered to have their data collected—will provide a better understanding of consumer behaviours at a time when people are taking in so much content it becomes difficult for them to recall everything.

“I look at it as a way to minimize respondent burden, to get the same very accurate consumer and media consumption information that we used to use from pure survey data,” said Pellegrini. “We’re not trying to look for anything any deeper, any differently than we were as  the Vividata of old.”

A recent academic report revealed that passive mobile data collection can provide richer, more frequent data than self-reported surveys, while reducing “respondent burden” because of fewer survey questions. It also has the ability to reduce measurement errors by reducing recall errors and “social desirability,” the report noted.

The industry is “struggling” to measure contemporary media behaviour, while the additional costs required to subscribe to layers or specialized media studies are increasingly prohibitive to marketers and agencies, said Rob Young, senior vice-president of PHD Canada, in a release announcing the new partnership. “Passive measurement has the potential to address both challenges.”

Working with Delivinia ensures that the data is being collected on individuals who have expressly opted in to have their data collected, said Pellegrini. Delvinia will supply the passive audience from its Asking Canadians panel of more than one million Canadians.

“It’s literally a measurement app, and you know what it is. So it’s extremely transparent and because it’s Delvinia going to their Asking Canadians panel they know exactly what is going on. We’re not going to the general public where someone might not actually understand what’s happening.” —With files from David Brown

Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash

Chris Powell