Lending company Easyfinancial promises ‘Better Tomorrows’ in new campaign

Who: Financial services provider Goeasy, Arrivals + Departures, True Media.

What: “Better Tomorrows,” a new campaign supporting Goeasy’s consumer lending division, Easyfinancial. It’s aimed at the approximately seven million Canadians who currently don’t have access to prime credit.

When & Where: The campaign uses TV, radio, print and out-of-home in the Greater Toronto Area, accompanied by a digital buy. It’s anchored by a pair of TV spots—the first of which debuted Sept. 9, with a second following in spring 2020.

Why: The campaign emphasizes Goeasy’s stated goal of putting consumers on a path to a better tomorrow by helping them improve their credit and move up to prime lending. Easyfinancial, which provides high-interest loans of up to $35,000, recently surpassed $1 billion in loans.

The company says that one-third of its customers move up to prime credit, and 60% increase their credit score within 12 months of borrowing from the company.

How: There is no hard sell or overt reference to Easyfinancial’s lending services. Instead, the dialogue-free TV spot is soundtracked by a cover version of “Stand by Me,” as it highlights the various expenses encountered by a family.

The spot works backwards from a young woman moving into a university residence, following the various financial challenges the family has navigated along the way—such as paying for schooling or a teenager’s braces, The voiceover states “You never know what tomorrow will bring. But we can help you see the possibility today.”

And we quote: “The campaign highlights that financial relief goes beyond getting a loan and is about the better tomorrows our customers can achieve when we partner with them on their journey.” — Andrea Fiederer, executive vice-president and chief marketing officer, Goeasy.

“It’s easy for brands to create functional work driven by products and services. However, we love it when our clients like Easyfinancial have the courage to tell real human stories that truly represent their brand.” — Mike Bevacqua, partner and president, Arrivals + Departures.


Chris Powell