Ubisoft pushes gamers to their ‘breaking point’

Who: Ubisoft Canada, lg2, 1one (production), LaMajeure (sound).

What: “Test your breakpoint,” a new campaign promoting Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the 11th instalment in the company’s highly successful Ghost Recon franchise.

When & Where: The campaign broke this week and includes four 15-second videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. There is also a 60-second mash-up video.

Why: Between consoles, PC and mobile, gamers must chose between literally thousands of new game titles each year. One estimate pegs the average number of new console titles at around 350 per year. With an average price of $80 for a so-called Triple-A title like Ghost Recon, Ubisoft needs to stand out to convince consumers to spend their discretionary dollars on its title.

How: The campaign’s objective is to highlight the intensity and adrenaline gamers will encounter while playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The campaign features four Canadians—from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec—playing the game while at the same time involved in a high-octane activity such as skydiving, rappelling down the face of a building, off-road ATV’ing and white water rafting.

And we quote: “When the team came to me and said they wanted to have a fan try out the game while parachuting, I realized that we we’re really going to push the limits. Our collaboration with lg2 allowed Canadian fans to live a unique and intense experience that they’re never going to forget.” — Simon Joly, senior marketing manager, Ubisoft Canada.

“A good idea is only worthwhile if it’s feasible. A strong insight, a client that was on board and a dedicated team—all these elements came together to enable us to take a creative leap and make the stunt happen. It’s proof that you sometimes have to take risks to get great results.” —Alexandre Jourdain, creative director, lg2.

Chris Powell