Toronto Raptors introduce branded hijab for ballers

Aside from winning the NBA Championship, one of the other success stories for the Toronto Raptors in recent years has been how much the team has become associated with new Canada—a fan base that is decidedly younger and more diverse than MLSE’s hockey team the Maple Leafs.

The creation of a Raptors-branded Nike hijab feels like another slam dunk for the team.

The limited edition hijab was created in partnership with Hijabi Ballers, a Muslim women’s organization in Toronto dedicated to empowerment and inclusivity for Muslim women in sport.

“We are proud to share the stories of leaders like the Hijabi Ballers who continue to change the game and remove barriers for Muslim athletes in Toronto,” said MLSE in an email statement to The Message.

“With the Raptors having such a diverse fan base, that passion for the game translates to the diversity of the people you see on courts in our communities,” said Amreen Kadwa, founder of Hijabi Ballers.

“Our goal as the Hijabi Ballers is to ensure Muslim girls and women feel like they belong on those courts, in the mainstream sports world and reinstating the idea that sports are for everyone, no matter your beliefs. The Nike Pro Hijab is paving the way for girls and women to proudly embrace their identities as athletes and as Muslim females.”

David Brown