Ontario’s Dairy Farmers present milk as a superfood

Who: Dairy Farmers of Ontario and No Fixed Address for creative, and Northstar Research Partners.

What: A new advertising campaign that positions milk as a superfood, with the campaign line “What can’t milk do?”

When & Where: The campaign kicked off Monday and runs until Nov. 8 on TV, in cinema, out-of-home, digital, social and via a PR push.

Why: In the spring, DFO ran a campaign which focused on the farmers and families that produce milk in Ontario. This campaign concentrates on the benefits of the product itself.

The Research: Following the spring campaign, Northstar looked at consumer perceptions of milk and found that while people tend to understand its nutritional benefits, they don’t see it as a “contemporary choice.” That was the insight that shaped the strategic team and creative positioning.

How: A 60-second cinema spot (cut down to :30 for TV) presents milk as a superfood that can benefit a person throughout the day—from a morning wake-up, to providing energy through tough days, to serving as a key ingredient in other dishes.

Because milk is such a familiar product, it often “gets taken for granted,” said Josh Budd, chief creative officer at No Fixed Address. “We wanted to modernize it, show its versatility in a fresh way, and give it the reverence it deserves. Each touchpoint in the campaign expands the definition of the role milk can play in our lives.”

Client quote: “The brand platform that we introduced in the spring told the story of Ontario dairy farmers, their values and how their high standards result in a high-quality dairy product… Now, we look to celebrate that product by reminding Ontario consumers of the versatility of milk, as the original superfood, and the role it plays in their lives as a contemporary and inspired food choice.”—Sean Bredt, chief marketing officer of Dairy Farmers of Ontario.

David Brown