Tommy Gun’s gives guys a shot of confidence

Who: Trigger Communications & Design, Tommy Gun’s Original Barber Shop.

What: A new national campaign, “He Time.”

When & Where: The campaign runs through the end of the year and includes point-of-sale, print, digital, pre-roll and social.

Why: Tommy Gun’s wants to increase foot traffic and connect with prospective clients by building overall brand awareness of its 70 stores across Canada.

How: The campaign includes a series of pre-roll ads that show guys trying to psych themselves up for important life events, such as asking for a raise or asking out a girl. The creative concept is that there’s an easier way to achieve self-confidence: a haircut at Tommy Gun’s.

Screen shot 2019-09-19 at 5.38.42 PM.png

“We went and sat outside of Tommy Gun’s locations and watched guys go in and come out of the shop. They would walk in, get an amazing haircut and then strut out like rockstars,” says Lance Risseeuw, Trigger’s associate creative director. “It was that newfound swagger. These guys looked ready to take the world by storm. That’s the idea in a nutshell.”

The campaign also includes a location-based mobile component that targets guys when they are in the vicinity of a Tommy Gun’s shop. The ads show how long they will have to wait until a chair at the Tommy Gun’s nearest their location is open.

And we quote: “We started back in 2010 with a strong belief that guys should feel confident in the barbershop. It’s a place they choose to go because they expect to come out looking and feeling better than when they arrived. With the help of our partners at Trigger, we’ve created a total brand experience that gives guys a place to kick back, style up and leave feeling like Superman.” —Cory Anderson, managing partner at Tommy Gun’s.

Chris Powell