Special bath bombs created to help fight juvenile arthritis

Who: Juvenile arthritis charity Cassie + Friends, with Rethink.

What: “Foam Ease,” a special bath bomb that encourages kids to stay in the bath longer (warm baths of at least 15 minutes are an effective therapeutic treatment for arthritis).

When & Where: In terms of awareness and communications, this is a digital, social influencer play that started today (Sept. 26). There’s also a Foam Ease website and a video, but the real creativity is the product itself.

Why: More than 26,000 Canadian children are affected by juvenile arthritis. While warm baths are great for managing pain, many kids hate taking them. Rethink’s idea was to reward kids for staying in the bath longer.

How: Specially made, slow-dissolving bath bombs have toys hidden inside that are only released once the bath bomb fully disintegrates.

Rethink makes “bath bombs”? No, the agency worked with the Canadian company Naked Bath Bar to develop them. They’re treated with essential oils and epsom salts that reduce inflammation and promote circulation, while the toys themselves are ergonomically designed to stretch the joints in a child’s hands.

How much? The bath bombs cost $20 through Naked Bath Bar, but there’s a 15% discount code on the Foam Ease site. A portion of proceeds go towards helping children and families living with juvenile arthritis.  

Quote: “With Foam Ease, we wanted to create something that helps real families living with juvenile arthritis. But on top of that, we wanted to raise public awareness about just how devastating living with arthritis can be—for kids and their families. Most people think people get arthritis. We want people to recognize how many children are affected by it and how serious it can be.” —David Porte, chair and co-founder of Cassie + Friends.

David Brown