CAA highlights its speedy problem solving in ‘Fast Forward’ campaign

Who: CAA South Central Ontario, Arrivals+Departures, Media Experts.

What: “Flash Forward,” a new campaign that demonstrates how CAA provides its members with fast, efficient service beyond roadside assistance.

When & Where: The campaign launched last week with three TV spots, with an additional two spots airing in 2020. It also includes online and social video, out-of-home, print and display ads.

Why: The campaign is aimed at showcasing CAA’s breadth of its services beyond simple roadside assistance, says brand manager Erin Roux. That includes insurance, rewards programs and travel planning  “We wanted to show people that it is a card worth having in your wallet, even if you aren’t a daily driver.”

How: The spots feature a father and his daughter encountering problems (a car breakdown and a window and TV screen broken by a rock), only for a CAA card to appear on screen and immediately propel them forward to a place where it has been resolved. The idea is continued in digital and print, where a text message that is headed in a negative direction is halted by a CAA card, resulting in a 180-degree turnaround and a positive result.

And we quote: “The campaign is not only very functional in its messaging but very charming and fun. With so many brands trying to make an emotional connection with consumers by tugging the heartstrings, there’s a white space for brands to go back to fun and humorous creative.” — Jeff MacEachern, chief creative officer, Arrivals + Departures.





Chris Powell