Maple Leaf Foods’ solution for chaotic weekday mornings

Who: Maple Leaf Foods and Sid Lee, with Westside (production), Artjail (post), School Editing and Vapor (audio).

What: “Make weekday mornings better,” a new campaign promoting the food company’s “ready-in-seconds” Ready Crisp bacon, turkey bacon and breakfast sausage products.

When & Where: The campaign is running on online video, supported by digital and print elements.

Why: The primary objective is eliminating the impression that Maple Leaf’s breakfast products are indulgent and unhealthy “weekend treats,” letting consumers know the heat and eat products can also be enjoyed from Monday to Friday. The work is housed under the food company’s “We’re for real” brand platform.

How: The anthem spot takes its cue from 90s sitcoms, presenting the opening credits for a fictitious show called Wake Up and Do it Again. The credits marry a jaunty song featuring true-to-life lyrics (sample: “Why do all our kids have screamin’ voices?” and “Only forty five hundred more mornings like this”) with user-generated footage that’s sure to resonate with the parents of young children.

The found footage depicts typically chaotic mornings—complete with spilled food, frazzled parents and a whole lot of upset children.

A series of print ads underscore the feeling of dread that accompanies morning tasks like getting kids fed and out of the door. “Our idea was to simply tell it like it is—for the average parent, weekday mornings suck,” said Sid Lee creative director Matt Fraracci.

And we quote: “Weekday mornings are really challenging for many parents. Getting kids dressed, fed, packed up for school, and course remembering to do last-minute homework or getting to team practice. or whatever else pops up surprisingly. We wanted to make mornings slightly better with our protein rich, ready-in-seconds Maple Leaf bacon and sausage—they’re now made with natural, pronounceable ingredients and although they won’t make anyone’s morning perfect, we hope they can help a little.” — D’Arcy Finley, vice-president of brands, Maple Leaf Foods


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Chris Powell