Special coaster collection illustrates a woman’s right to choose

Every year since 2002, Montreal’s Anna Goodson Illustration Agency has created a special collection of drink coasters to give to clients and friends.

Each coaster is a work of art by one of the agency’s illustrators, with a focus on an important social issue. “We produce a collection of coasters to showcase the work of the illustrators we represent and to address an important causes that we feel strongly about,” Goodson told The Message. Art, she believes, can be a driver of social change. “It’s my way of addressing important social issues that I feel are important.”

Previous subjects have included the environment, treatment of the LGBTQ community in Russia and, for #LoveIsLoveIsArt, it was tolerance, diversity and inclusion. This year’s theme is #OurBodiesOurChoices, addressing a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body.

“I have to say that this year’s concept is very important to me with all that is going on regarding women,” said Goodson. “Abortion rights, the #MeToo movement, body image, there are so many and I wanted to address them, especially the right to choose. It’s hard to believe we are still talking about overturning abortion rights in 2019.”

The set of coasters this year contains 43 different illustrations from the agency’s pool of international talent (see below). A few thousand sets have been produced, although they’re not for sale.

Eva Tatcheva

Sebastien Thibault

Agathe BB

Guille Manchado

David Brown