ConAgra shows how easy it is to go meatless in Gardein campaign

Who: ConAgra Brands, Per Se Brand Experience, M&K Media, Harbinger for PR and influencer, and Lookout for video production.

What: A new campaign for the packaged food company’s plant-based brand Gardein, built around the tagline “Cheat on meat.”

When & Where: The campaign launched just before Thanksgiving, running into December. Media focus is digital and social, with some PR and influencer outreach.

Why: Plant-based got really busy, really fast. While ConAgra says its products check the boxes for taste and texture, it also wanted to emphasize the breadth of its offering and the ease with which its products can be incorporated into a number of different meals and recipes.

“A lot of the focus in todays marketplace is beef-less options,” said Jonathan Yeh, senior brand manager. “We have chicken-less options, fish-less options and pork-less options. That is where we separate from other brands.”

How: With Gardein’s multiple options and variety, it becomes easier to “Cheat on Meat.” Video creative uses a simple, one-shot, overhead pan across the ingredients for popular meals, each made with one of Gardein’s plant-based products. Each spot ends with a playful punchline to underscore the “cheat on meat” positioning. For spaghetti with meatless meatball, the line is “Nonna will never knowna.”

“Canadians are looking for easy ways to switch out meat for meatless, but taste rules and has to be great,” said Baron Manet, president of Per Se Brand Experience. “Gardein allows Canadians to easily enjoy their favourite recipes and ‘cheat on meat’ while helping them with great taste and healthier eating options.”

Quote: “We know that four out of 10 households are actively trying to increase their plant food consumption. Gardein provides a variety of plant based options without sacrificing the taste or nutritional value meat has to offer and is cholesterol free with less saturated fat.”

David Brown